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Lauren S - YouTube

“Simply AMAZING and SO BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for BLESSING me this morning!!! I am finally dreaming again after being sick, suicidal, and depressed… for a year... He never left me, He is LEADING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ileanne L - Facebook

“I just want to say that today I was about to make the biggest mistake of my life... but then God put this song in my mind, and said to me: "Deliver me your weaknesses and I will strengthen you, I make you brave - you'll overcome this with my help".  Thank you so much WorshipMob for being an instrument from God to my life, this song reminds me that I am not alone in this. GBY“

Annetty L - YouTube

“I won’t explain why this video changed my life forever because it would be a PRETTY LARGE comment. But thank you. God bless you. I was going to say ''You're awesome''; but the awesome one here is God.“



People don't need more religion, behavior modification, shame, or judgement.  You & I just need more time with Jesus.  He Is LOVE.  We're here to help each of God's children to experience & live His love from within, through deep encounter with Him!

Get our MP3 player, with 50 hours of our continuous worship music!

A recent YouTube message from Ayla T... “I am 13 and my friend said you should go listen to this song so I did.  I thought I was too young to be impacted by JESUS the way I was... but I wasn't - this song is so powerful it had me laying on the floor crying in His presence! #LOVEUGOD“