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Fill Your Worship With Premium Ambient Pads! 

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Transform your worship service’s atmosphere in seconds with the PADS LIVE app by Coresound.

“These pads are an incredible investment and great tool to help you lead & serve God’s people well. They’re by far the best-sounding pads out there.” - David Santistevan (Beyond Sunday Worship Podcast)

Most worship leaders struggle with making their team sound “full”. That’s why Coresound makes top-quality pads that help you sound full and polished, create smooth transitions, kill awkward dead-space, give you confidence, and free you to focus on worship.

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Lots of quality, lots of variety.

Check out each of our worship pad sounds, ranging from warm to bright, subtle to distinct, and droning to melodic. Each pad has been painstakingly fine-tuned to make sure it fits your sound perfectly, doesn't muddy your mix, and will fill your sound without getting in the way!


"This app will take your worship team to a whole new level. It’s perfect for seamlessly filling the gaps in your worship sets. Pads Live is a KILLER app!"

- Jerimae Yoder, Coaching Director at WorshipTeamCoach.com


"This is literally insane... don't miss this app!  What a powerful tool for worship leaders at any size church.  Pads Live is a game-changer!"

- David Santistevan, Host of Beyond Sunday Worship Podcast